| Deadline: 30 June 2023

Grant Scheme to facilitate the participation of Black Sea countries in Brokerage Events and preparatory meetings – apply now!

This grant scheme financially supports the participation of local researchers from Black Sea countries in brokerage events and project preparatory meetings related to Horizon2020 in the EU Member States or Associated Countries. Such events will allow researchers to network with EU consortia, to build-up partnerships for subsequent joint research activities and to make their institutions and/or their research networks better known.

Background and Funding

The Black Sea Horizon project has developed a grant scheme to financially support the participation of local researchers from Black Sea countries in large-scale brokerage events and other similar activities in EU Member States or Associated Countries, which are related to Horizon 2020. Such events provide an excellent arena for researchers to liaise and develop synergies, therefore the participation of researchers from the targeted countries will increase their opportunities to get involved and be taken onboard in consortia set up in EU MS/AC countries. It will also allow the researchers to make their institutions and/or their research networks better known to the scientific community.

The thematic priorities of the call are listed below. The proposed list of events will be: Networking events, Brokerage events organised by the European Commission, large international events organised by other European networks (e.g Enterprise Europe Network). Partners based in BS region are also free to identify events of high importance which will be also considered eligible – especially preparatory meetings targeting at writing joint proposals for H2020 calls.

Maximum funding per grant is 1000 EUR.


The thematic priorities of the call are the following four topics:

  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Resource Efficiency in relation to water / Water Management
  • Applied Chemistry & Smart Materials
  • Social Sciences and Humanities

Eligibility criteria

These criteria have to be met in order to be eligible for participation:

  • Be a member or an employee of a research institution/organisation and/or of a network of organisations and/or of a higher education institution and/or of an SME-enterprise working on research. The aim is that the participation will have a multiplier effect in the country and/or region.
    Conduct research at the above mentioned organisation in one of the partner countries (AR, AZ, GE, MO, RU, TR, UA)
  • Submit a completely filled in application form along with all the required documentation.
  • Have a PhD degree and/or at least three years’ full time experience in research.
  • Carry out research in one of the three targeted thematic focuses: sustainable agriculture, resource efficiency in relation to water / water management or applied chemistry & smart materials.
  • Speak English fluently.
  • Specify at least one call anticipated in H2020 Work Programme for 2016-17, which is in the focus of their scientific research and fit for consortium-building
  • Have some international experience (already existing contacts in other countries, participation in previous international conferences and collaborations, etc.).
  • Be commited to participate in Horizon2020 calls.

Evaluation criteria

Scientific excellence/Research performance (publications, patents, project, etc.) (50% of the score)
Previous international cooperation activities (projects and/or structured cooperation with other countries; trainings abroad; participation in international conferences, etc.) (15% of the score)
Commitment to take full advantage of the participation in the event: expected outcome, concrete plans for cooperation, participation in Horizon2020 calls should be described in more detail including also the expected number of contacts established directly in brokerage/matching sessions, planned signed letters of agreement. (35% of the score)

Additional evaluation criteria
Gender: Encouragement of female researchers to participate
Encouragement of young researchers (under 40)


Deadline for submission: 30 June 2023
Latest date of the selected event: 15 December 2023

Source and full details: BLACK SEA HORIZON