08.12.2023 []

Moldova's new 'Sustainable Energy Information Centre' announced at Eco Energetică Awards

The establishment of a national Sustainable Energy Information Centre for Moldova with the support of experts from the EU-funded energy programme INOGATE was announced at the Moldova Eco Energetica Awards on 4 December. The Centre, which will officially be opened in March 2016, will be a hands-on, learning environment to create greater awareness of energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RE) among householders, energy managers and other stakeholders in the public and private sectors.

The Centre will be hosted by the Moldovan Agency of Energy Efficiency (AEE) and its development is supported by INOGATE experts, the national NGO AEER and the Ministry of Economy of Moldova.

The announcement will set in motion the organisation of the many activities that the Centre will offer: it will invite suppliers to provide exhibits and documentation on energy efficient products, develop information materials in the form of infographs, DVDs, video spots and web and FB pages, develop interactive displays and exhibits, organise seminars and roundtables with journalists, suppliers, teachers and students and energy managers and recruit staff for the operation of the Centre. Visitors will be able to see how energy efficient appliances and building materials will affect their daily lives in enabling them to control and reduce their energy use. The Centre will also act as a hub for related activities carried out by civil society, educational institutions and industry.

INOGATE’s input includes assistance in developing a structured approach to awareness raising, assisting in the development of a concept, strategy and action plan for the Centre and assisting in the development and provision of information materials and exhibits. INOGATE is also providing training for the centre’s personnel and planning the implementation of the initial stage of operations.

To find out more, please visit the AEE website.