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Belarus: Research priorities for 2016–2020 approved

The list of research priorities for 2016–2020 has been approved by the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus of March 12, 2015, No. 190. It includes:
  • Energy,
  • Chemical synthesis and products,
  • Biological systems and technologies,
  • Medicine and pharmacy,
  • ICT and space,
  • Electronics and photonics,
  • Machine systems and complexes,
  • Multifunctional materials and technologies,
  • Agricultural complex and food security,
  • Ecology and nature management,
  • Society and economy,
  • Interdisciplinary studies,
  • Human security, society and state.

Compared with the S&T priorities for 2011–2015, one can observe an important change: almost all the priorities have been formulated in a very broad way, e.g. 'Medicine and pharmacy' instead of 'Medical, diagnostic, preventive and rehabilitative technologies, cellular and molecular biology technologies in medicine, apparatus and instruments for medical purposes'. Moreover, in the previous budgetary cycle, each priority was further divided in 6-16 sub-priorities, while now, it seems, every topic related to, say, energy or economy can be supported. This makes the task of concentrating the limited financial resources on the most promising directions or urgent societal challenges quite complicated.

The above list of priorities is the basis for developing a list of the national research programmes (basic and applied research), which has to be finalised by summer 2015. 

Source: Olga Meerovskaya,BelISA