10.12.2023 - 12.12.2023 | Rome, Italy

Participation of EaP and CA researchers in the SET-Plan Conference and official visit to ENEA Research Centre

The IncoNet EaP and IncoNet CA projects promote international STI cooperation and research policy dialogue between the EU and its member states on the one hand, and the Eastern Partnership and Central Asia Countries on ther other. One of the projects' tasks is to collaborate with EU Innovation Platforms. In this context the Agency for the Promotion of European Research (APRE) organised the participation of innovative EaP and CA energy researchers in the 2014 SET Plan Conference. The event was held in Rome on 10-11 December under the auspices of the Italian Presidency of the European Union.
The Euopean 'Strategic Enery Technology Plan' (SET Plan) establishes an energy technology policy for Europe. It is a strategic plan to accelerate the development and deployment of cost-effective low carbon technologies. The plan comprises measures relating to planning, implementation, resources and international cooperation in the field of energy technology.

The related SET Plan Conference is a forum for experts, researchers, producers, stakeholders and representatives of national and EU institutions to have in-depth discussions on the future developments of the SET Plan needed to respond to energy challenges. The 2014 edition of the conference falls at a crucial time, when momentum is gathering towards the development of the SET Plan Integrated Roadmap and an Action Plan promoting stronger collaboration in areas such as energy efficiency, competitive low-carbon supply of energy, and system optimisation including smart cities and communities.

With the collaboration of the IncoNet EaP and CA local partners, ten EaP researchers from the five EaP Countries and ten from the five CA countries were selected (two researchers for each target country).

The participants from the Eastern Partnership region were: Islam Mustafayev and Zafira Aliyeva from Azerbaijan; Suren Shatvoryan and Stepan Petrosyan from Armenia; Vladimir Elisashvilil and George Melikadze from Georgia; Henadzi Zhavenerko and Vladimer Novikau from Belarus; and Natalia Timofte from Moldova.

The participants from Central Asia were: Tatyana Ivanova and Baktybek Asanov from Kyrgyzstan; Marat Koshumbayev and Zhumalugov Nurlan from Kazakhstan; Mamadsho Ilolov and H.M. Akhmedov from Tajikistan; Mirzasulton Mamatkosimov and Rustam Ashurov from Uzbekistan; Nazar Korpeyev and Serdar Mammedziyazov from Turkmenistan.

All the afore-mentioned attended the SET Plan Conference from 10-11 December 2014. On 11 December, three topic talks between Italian researchers from ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) and researchers from the Eastern Partnership countries were recorded:

  • Environmental Aspects of Energy Development | Dr. Francesco di Mario talked with Dr. Islam Mustafayev from Azerbaijan

  • Photovoltaic Technologies and Developments |  Dr. Massimo Izzi talked with Dr. Stepan Petrosyan from Armenia

  • Carbon Capture and Storage, and Geothermal Opportunities | Dr. Paolo Deiana talked with Dr. George Melikadze from Georgia

Videographer: Greca Campus, videos kindly provided by CeRISS, video source: YouTube.

On 12 December, the EaP team participated at a one-day technical visit to ENEA’s Research Centre in Casaccia following an official programme.

The partcipation of the Eastern Partnership and Central Asian researchers in the SET Plan Conference, combined with the visit to one of the top Italian research centres, and the opportunities provided by the interviews are a good example of how the IncoNet EaP and CA project go about implementing their tasks: The feedback from the stakeholders was enthusiastic and the activity contributed to creating new mutual collaboration opportunities between the EU and EaP and CA countries.

Further information: SET Plan Conference website