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Moldovan Innovations awarded in Brussels

Moldovan inventions were presented at the 63rd edition of 'Brussels Innova', the world exhibition on inventions, research and new technologies, which was held from 13-15 November 2014. The Republic of Moldova was represented by the Agency for Innovation and Technology Transfer, and the State Agency on Intellectual Property. They showcased nine new products developed in the last two years. Following the assessment of an international jury, Moldovan inventors were awarded six gold medals, two silver medals, one bronze medal, and two special prizes.

Gold medals were awarded to six inventions from five different disciplines:

  • Medicine and Health Care:
    Istrati D., Burlacu V. with  'Treatment of the mature permanent teeth affected by destructive apical chronic periodontitis' and
    Lupan I., Pantea V., Gribenco V., Nistor L., Fala V., Burlacu V. with 'Method of prosthetic treatment for temporomandibular dysfunctions';
  • Farming and Food Industry: Toderas I., Gulea A., Floquet S., Cadot E., Cebotari V., Buzu I. with 'New stimulators containing molybdenum in feeding of bee families Apismellifera';
  • Hygiene and Cosmetics direction: Rudic V., Bogdan V, Stefarta R., Gulea A., Chiriac T., Fala V. with 'BioR® spray's';
  • Safety Protection category: Gulea A. Tsapcov V. for the invention of an 'Excellent antifungal and antibacterial agent';
  • other inventions category: Moraru l. and Moraru N with a new ecological product.

Silver medals appreciated the works presented by

  • Lupan I., Gribenco V., Pantea V., Nistor L. Fala V., Burlacu V. – 'Modern method of fixing bridgeworks with the use of implanted support' within the medicine and health care category and by
  • Caraus V., Rudic V. – 'New natural balsams', which competed at farming and food industry category.

A bronze medal was received by Grossu T., Rudic V., Bogdan V., Gulea A., Chiriac T., Chirilov A., Cepoi L. for the invention of 'Phytobior – a new bio preparation for improving productivity and quality of agriculture plants' within the farming and food industry category.

At the same time, Mr. Aurelian Gulea and Mr. Victor Tsapcov, was awarded the special prize of the Romanian Ministry of National Education for the invention of an „excellent antifungal and antibacterial agent” and Mr. Dorin Istrati and Mr. Valery Burlacu received the prize of the Union of Croatian Innovators for the treatment of the mature permanent teeth affected by destructive apical chronic periodontits.

Institutions from more than 20 countries with more than 200 inventions took part in this year's edition of 'Brussels Innova'. For the Republic of Moldova this was the 22nd consecutive presence at this important and well know exhibition.

Further information at: http://www.brussels-innova.com/en/eureka/2014/medals.aspx

Source: Gheorghe RICIU, Agency for Innovation and Technology Transfer