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General country information

Official name of the country: Turkmenistan

Population: approx. 5 mln.

Area Total:  491,200 km²

Capital: Ashgabat

System of Government:  Presidential form of Governance. The President is both Head of State and Head of Government.

Head of the Government: President Gurbanguly Berdimuhammedov

President of Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan:  Prof. Dr. G.A. Mezilov

Parliament: The Mejlis (National Assembly) is the main body of legislature.

Administrative structure: Turkmenistan is divided into five regions (velayats): Akhal, Balkan, Dashkhovuz, Lebap and Mary.

Geography: Turkmenistan is situated in Central Asia, North of the Kopet Dagh Mountains, between the Caspian Sea in the West and Amu Darya in the East. The territory of Turkmenistan stretches for 1,110 km from west to east and 650 km from north to south. Turkmenistan borders in the North with Kazakhstan, in the East and north-east with Uzbekistan, in the South with Iran and in the south-east with Afghanistan.

Last update: March 2012
Source: undisclosed expert known to the editor


  • Country Report 2012: Turkmenistan

    [PDF - 412.1 kB]

    (general information - research structure - research policies - international cooperation) (URL: http://www.increast.eu/_media/Turkmenistan_Country_Report_EN_March2012.pdf)

  • Country Report 2011: Turkmenistan

    [PDF - 1.23 MB]

    (November 2011, compiled as an annex to the "White Paper on Opportunities and Challenges in View of Enhancing the EU Cooperation with Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and South Caucasus in Science, Research, and Innovation".) (URL: http://www.increast.eu/_media/Country_Report_Turkmenistan_2011.pdf)

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