18.06.2023 [News]

Project event: Info Day Environment, Moscow, 15 June: presentations now available

The info day was organized in the framework of the FP7 IncoNet EECA project  (http://www.inco-eeca.net/). The main goal of the IncoNet EECA project is to strengthen the S&T cooperation between the EU Member States and Associated Countries and the EECA countries. It includes also activities aiming at an enhanced participation of researchers from EECA countries in the “Core activities” of FP7.

The objectives of the info day were:

  • to discuss practical instruments to support national research priorities setting in the field of environment;
  • to overview the FP7 work programme and forthcoming calls for proposals under “Environment (including Climate Change)”;
  • to present the relevant success stories and outline of thematic areas for further EU-Russia cooperation.

The info day was targeted at representatives of ministries, research organizations and universities in Russia.

Download presentations

EU-Russia Envirionmental Cooperation: RREC vision and proposals

Administrative and Financial Issues of FP7

Work Programme and forthcoming Call for „Environment (including climate change)“: Opportunities for Russian Researchers

IncoNet EECA

Research activity at Russian institutions within FP6 and FP7 in Environment and climate change

Participation of Russian Researchers in FP7 "People" Programme

Partner Search Tools

New approach to Environmental Pollution Control based on fast sreening of samples

Russian Experience of Natural Resources Management and Envirement Protection Foresight Exercises

Technology Platforms: European Experience

Ecological Aspects of Application of new Catalysts

From an Idea to a (good) Project

Source: The presentations were kindly provided by Mr. Alexander Grigoriev, HSE