11.12.2023 | St Petersburg, Russia

Russian-German Workshop on Nanolaser based Optical Sensing

Intense activities have been going in research and industrial sectors over the past decades in Germany and Russia, which have produced many results of international interest. Examples of research and application results will be presented by Russian and German groups with in a Russian-German workshop. The workshop will offer an excellent opportunity for the exchange of information and experience between Russian and German industry and research institutes with regard to the application potential. Future cooperations shall be stimulated in the field of laser-based optical sensor technology.


Nanoinitiative Bayern GmbH, Gerbrunn / Germany
St Petersburg Physics and Technology Centre for Research and Education / Russian Federation


December 11th, 2008


St Petersburg Physics and Technology Centre for Research and Education, Room No. 321, Khlopin str. 8/3, St Petersburg, 195220, Russia



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Attached you will find the workshop programme accordingly. The reports given by German and Russian scientists and industrial representatives will cover new developments in GaSb and quantum dot based lasers diodes, advances in quantum cascade lasers, single mode lasers for sensing in the wavelength range 0.7 μm to 10 μm, as well as state of the art optical sensing applications.

In Russian language: Invitation and Programme