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RUSERA EXE, an FP6/ INCO-project, supports the development of strategic and lasting RTD partnerships between European and Russian researchers for mutual scientific benefit. More particularly, RUSERA EXE aims to provide support to a more effective use of the mechanisms available for EU-Russian RTD cooperation, enabling researchers to better exploit the opportunities available for setting up long lasting partnerships.

Description of the project

RUSERA EXE is based on Regional Information Nodes (RINs) that have been established as multipliers for FP6 all over Russia under the successful RUSERA project (funded 2002-2004 under FP6/INCO). RUSERA EXE involves the five most committed and active Russian members of RUSERA - the RINs from:

  • Tomsk Polytechnical University
  • Krasnoyarsk State Technical University
  • St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University
  • Uljanovsk State Technical University
  • Eastern Siberian State University of Technology in Ulan-Ude

The overall aims of RUSERA EXE were:

  • to foster lasting collaborations between European and Russian research organisations for the preparation of joint FP7-proposals, joint publications, the organisation of joint workshops/seminars, joint patents and more (RUSERA EXE Working Visits)
  • to develop the FP7-advisory and support skills of Russian RIN’s who act as FP7 multipliers and to enable them to promote FP 7 in Russian regions (Training courses for FP7 multipliers)
  • to raise the awareness of the European RTD community for the significant research potential of a variety of Russian regions for FP7 (promotion work).

RUSERA EXE will close in December 2008. The following main activities were carried out successfully:

  • Organisation of two training workshops for FP7 multipliers, research managers, researchers and other stakeholders in the EU (Vienna) and Russia (Moscow); The results of the  RUSERA EXE Training course organised in January 2008 by FFG in Vienna are available here:  http://rp7.ffg.at/ruseraexe_trainingcourse
  • Issuing of a call for proposals for EU-Russian Working Visits:  http://rp7.ffg.at/upload/medialibrary/RUSERA-EXE_Call_for_EU_Guidelines.pdf
    The call was closed in October 2007, European and Russian proposals were selected for funding. All 16 RUSERA EXE Working visits are completed by now.
  • Survey among successful EU coordinators and Russian partners of FP6-, INTAS- projects, analysis of the EU-Russian RTD cooperation  in FP6. The report will be published by the end of November 2008 by FFG.

RUSERA EXE runs from January 2007 to the end of 2008. RUSERA EXE is coordinated by the Association for Engineering Education of Russia (AEER). The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) and the Greek National Documentation Centre (EKT/NHRF) are partners.

For more information, please visit the following website:  http://www.rusera-exe.ru (English version available)

Participating Countries

Russia and EU countries

FP and Project Number

043701-FP6-INCO (is based on the results of the RUSERA Project: INCO-CT-2004-502262)








Training seminar "Opportunities and challenges for EU-RU RTD cooperation", 31.01./01.02.2008, Vienna, Austria


Contact Persons

  • Prof. Yuri Pokholkov – Coordinator

    • Project consortium
    • Association for Engineering Education of Russia (AEER) - RUSSIA
    • For contacts: Ms. Olga Mazurina
    • Address: Mazurina@cc.tpu.edu.ru
    • Homepage: http://aeer.ru/index.phtml
  • Ms. Petra Reiter

    • Project consortium
    • Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)
    • Address: Petra.Reiter@ffg.at
    • Homepage: http://www.ffg.at/content.php
  • Ms. Maria Samara

    • Project consortium
    • National Documentation Centre (EKT/NHRF)
    • GREECE
    • Address: samara@ekt.gr
    • Homepage: http://www.ekt.gr/
  • -------------------------------

    • Regional Information Nodes (RINs):
  • Mr. Alexei Ivanov

    • St.-Petersburg RIN
    • St.-Petersburg Electrotechnical University
    • Address: ASIvanov@eltech.ru
  • Mr. Vadim Shishkin

    • Uljanovsk RIN
    • Uljanovsk State Technical University
    • Address: shvv@ulstu.ru
  • Ms. Natalia Edwards

    • Krasnoyarsk RIN
    • Siberian State Federal University
    • Address: omc225@kgtu.runnet.ru
  • Ms. Bairma Tsibikdorzhieva

    • Ulan-Ude RIN
    • Eastern-Siberian State Technological University
    • Address: btsibikdorzh@mail.ru
  • Ms. Olga Gashouk

    • Tomsk RIN
    • Tomsk Polytechnic University
    • Address: omega@cc.tpu.edu.ru

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