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Call for Proposals: "Special Programme Central Asia"

In 2004, the Gerda Henkel Foundation launched a programme to support outstanding scholars whose research is focused on Central Asia, mainly on Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Northern Afghanistan, Southern Siberia, Tadzhikistan, Tibet, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Xinjiang. The programme aims to stimulate academic research projects in the areas of Archaeology and Art History as well as projects in the fields of History, Historic Islamic Studies, Architecture and the Fine Arts. Scientists from Central Asian countries are invited to apply for this programme.


Proposals are invited for the following initiatives:

  • specific short-term research projects
  • PhD and research scholarships in the researcher's home country and abroad (max. 24 months)
  • limited travel grants for researchers from Central Asia to hold lectures and to attend academic conferences
  • measures to conserve and restore material held in libraries and archives and to support rescue excavations


Throughout the year, grant seekers can direct proposals to the Foundation or be nominated by university professors.

Proposals should include:

  • application overview (Form for scholarship application; Form for research project application)
  • description of the research proposal (max. 8 pages)
  • work plan and time schedule
  • overview of necessary trips to archives, libraries, museums, etc., including a list of the costs involved (travel costs and lodging - no flat-rate daily allowance or hotel expenses, material costs e.g. for photocopies or film versions of archive material, photographs, etc., not a lump sum for books)
  • curriculum vitae
  • statement as to whether the project has already been sponsored or will be sponsored by another institution or whether an application for funding has been submitted somewhere else

Additionally for scholarship applications:

  • copies of university certificates (translated and legally attested)
  • two references from university lecturers, preferably with one of them from outside of the applicant's home country (signed and stamped)
  • reference from a German mentor, with his/her agreement to provide academic counselling to the scholarship holder and to invite the applicant as a guest to his/her research institute (for stays in Germany)
  • certificate of language proficiency (German or English)

Application deadline

Applications may be submitted to the Gerda Henkel Foundation’s head office at any time. The Foundation committees meet twice a year to consider the applications and decide on funding grants.

The application deadline for the Foundation's committees spring meeting in 2009 is 16 January, 2009.

Application documents can be submitted either in German or in English.


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More information: http://www.gerda-henkel-stiftung.de/content.php?nav_id=376&language;=en.


  • Application guidelines

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    Russian Language (URL: http://www.increast.eu/_media/leitfaden_rus_Zentralasien_16_01_09.doc)