04.11.2023 [News]

Danube-INCO.NET publishes Policy Recommendations on Performance-based Research Funding

Download the document (PDF)

'Performance-based research funding – Towards more effective national research and innovation systems in the Danube region' is the title of a document on policy recommendations recently published by the Danube-INCO.NET project.

Danube-INCO.NET is a coordination and support action funden under the 7th Framework Programme and addresses the official EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) in the field of research and innovation. The project focuses mainly on two priority areas of the EUSDR: 'Knowledge Society' and 'Competitiveness' while also supporting the policy dialogue, the creation of networks, and providing analyses and support to R&I activities.

The project seeks to overcome obstacles hindering the social and economic development of the Danube region. Within the work package 'policy dialogue', exchanging with other regional policy initiatives and enhancing the bi-regional dialogue between EU and non-EU countries are key objectives. This is done through presenting and discussing the 'Innovation Union' (IU) and the 'European Research Area' (ERA) Framework concepts and targets in a series of three workshops held in different non-EU countries, i.e. Serbia, Ukraine and Moldova. Each workshop focuses on a coherent set of topics related to ERA priorities and IU commitments.

The third event in this series was held in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, on 23 June 2016. The outcome of the workshop was summarised in a set of jointly developed policy recommendations. These recommendations have been shared among all participants and are considered to be relevant across the entire Danube region.

Source: Danube-INCO.NET