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Continuous joint competitions of the Russian Foundation for Basic research (RFBR) and Austrian Science Fund (FWF)

The Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR), in accordance with the Memorandum on Cooperation with the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) conducts continuous competitions (with no time limits for submitting the applications during the validity period of Memorandum). The aim of the competition is to grant financial support for initiative research projects being conducted by Russian and Austrian scientists.

General conditions

The Competition supports research being conducted by Russian and Austrian scientists in the research areas of mutual interest.

  1. Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics
  2. Physics and Astronomy
  3. Chemistry and Sciences on Materials
  4. Biology and Medical Sciences
  5. Geosciences
  6. Humanities and Social Sciences
  7. Information and Telecommunication systems
  8. The Fundamentals of Engineering Sciences

Russian and Austrian scientists, supervisors of the joint project, must agree in advance on the name and content of their applications and submit the applications to RFBR (Russian) and FWF (Austrian).

According to the Cooperation agreement the duration of the joint initiative research project is 3 years.

Attention: The name of the project must be the same for both Russian and Austrian application.

Projects registered in RFBR information system before March 01, 2014 will be funded current year, after March 01, 2014 - next year.

Attention: While submitting an application, one must take into account the fact that the expert examination of applications by the Austrian Science Fund takes 4-5 months.

The maximum sum of a grant is 700000 rubles.

Attention: RFBR funds only Russian participants

The name of the project must be the same for both Russian and Austrian application, and must not match the name of any scheduled theme, which is being performed in Russian organization, and has been funded from the federal budget.

All the applications, which were admitted to the competition, are subject to an independent expert examination: applications, submitted by Russian scientists, are evaluated in the RFBR, and those submitted by Austrian scientists, in the FWF. The evaluation of applications is conducted by each side independently in accordance with their own rules. The information on the expert examination procedure is strictly classified.

The results of researches on the Project must be published in reviewed scientific editions with the reference containing the Project number.

Example: «The reported study was partially supported by RFBR, research project No. 14-00-00001 a.»


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