| Deadline for German applicants: 3 June 2016

German Federal Ministry of Education and Research announces new Funding Measure for STI cooperation with Ukraine

This funding measure for structural and strategic support (option A) or project-related mobility (option B) is published in the framework of the 'Strategy for the Internationalisation of Science and Research' of the German Federal Government and in line with the action plan 'International Cooperation' of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). It also represents a contribution to the action plan 'Ukraine' of the Federal Government, which supports the political and economic stabilisation of the country.

The central aim of the

  • bilateral networking and consulting projects (option A) or
  • projects to prepare new or strengthening existing scientific collaborations (option B)

funded under this measure is geared towards the current needs of the research, education and innovation policy in Ukraine in order to stabilise and modernise the research and education landscape resulting in an improvement of the quality of their facilities while enhancing their integration into the European Research Area.

Call information

For information in German proceed to the website of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

For information in Ukrainian proceed to the website of the Ministry of Education and Science (MON).

Contact Germany

DLR Project Management Agency (DLR-PT)

Dr Erich Rathske
Phone: +49 228 382114 64

Contact Ukraine

Ministry for Education and Science (MON)

Ms Nataliya Atamanenko
Phone: +380 44 2878239

Source and full call information: BMBF (in German) | MON (in Ukrainian)