14.03.2016 [News]

RI-LINKS2UA – New Horizon 2020 project to support Ukraine-EU Research and Innovation Cooperation

On 25-26 February 2016 the new project 'RI-LINKS2UA - Strengthening Research and Innovation Links towards Ukraine' was launched with a kick-off meeting in Vienna. This event marked the beginning of a new stage in EU-Ukraine research and innovation cooperation. RI-LINKS2UA is a three year project funded under Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

The project brings together twelve project partners, coming from the EU Member States (Austria, France, Poland, Estonia, Hungary, Romania, Italy), the EU-Eastern Partnership (Moldova) and, of course, Ukraine. It is coordniated by ZSI (Centre for Social Innovation), Austria.

The fact that research ministries from seven EU countries officially support this project underlines its importance for the current co-operation efforts between the EU and Ukraine. The project activities build on the results of previous EU-funded support projects with Ukraine, such as BILAT-UKR*AINA and BILAT-UKR.

The overall aim of the project is to further support and enhance the integration of Ukraine into the European Research Area (ERA) and to increase the participation of Ukrainian stakeholders (universities, research institutions, business actors, SMEs, etc.) in successful Horizon 2020 projects.

In the frame of the kick-off meeting the project partners introduced their assigned work packages, followed by feedback and dicussions on the implementation of the work package activities.

The project coordinator outlined the administrative and strategic framework of the project with regards to the status quo of Science, Technology and Innovation co-operation between the EU and Ukraine.


Gorazd Weiss, Project Coordinator ()
Philipp Brugner, Project Manager ()

Source and further details: ZSI