Networking activities and H2020 training for RaP and CA Energy experts at AquaMatch Amsterdam

Under the support of the IncoNet EaP and IncoNet CA projects, energy and water experts from Eastern Partnership and Central Asian countries participated in 'AquaMatch Amsterdam', an international Water Technology & Innovation brokerage event. The event was organised by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the Enterprise Europe Network. AquaMatch took place at Aquatech Amsterdam during the Amsterdam International Water Week. From 3 - 6 November participants had access to the Aquatech Amsterdam exhibition, an extensive conference and workshop programme and various excursions.
The extensive programme provideded many opportunities to share the knowledge and experience, learn from water professionals & best practices and be inspired by the world’s most leading water experts.

On 4 November RCISD provided a H2020 training back-to-back with the brokerage event for experts from Eastern Partnership and Central Asian countries Bardukh Gabrielyan, Center of Zoology and Hydroecology Armenia; Igor Serotila, Academy of Sciences of Moldova and Central Asia (Dr Anvar Kodirov, Institute of water problems, hydropower and ecology, Academy of sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan; Dr. Chynara Satylkanova, Agency for Hydrometeorology under the Ministry of Emergency Situation of the Kyrgyz and Dr. Renat Khaydarov, Institute of Nuclear Physics of Academy of Sciences of Republic of Uzbekistan. During the workshop the following topics were introduced:
  • General indications and advice for proposal writing
  • H2020 – The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation
  • Preparation of the proposal
  • Submission process of project proposals illustrated on the H2020 Participant Portal, and project proposal template
  • New Work Programmes 2016-2017 on SC3-Secure, Clean and Energy Efficiency and SC5-Climate Action, Environment

Participants also had the opportunity to ask questions.

On 5 November the Eastern Partnership and Central Asian researchers participated in the AquaMatch Amsterdam brokerage event, a highly visible matchmaking activity. The EaP and CA researchers expanded their international water network, found partners for cooperation and built partnerships for future international funding calls (e.g. H2020, Eurostars, LIFE, Partners voor Water) during 15 minutes meetings. They had bilateral talks with about 7 European counterparts at average. In addition, thanks to the scheduled face-to-face talks, Eastern Partnership and Central Asian researchers also had the chance to initiate less formal talks with some of the 170 registered participants. They managed to establish contacts with organisations like Ahlstrom, Alamo Water (Poland), A.Q. Technology (Italy), Aquafeel Inc. (USA), Biomatrix Water Solutions (Scotland), Hydreka (France), Nijhuis Water Technology (Netherlands), Tintometer GmbH-Loviband Water Testing (Germany), ToxSorb (Israel), Toro Equipment (Spain), as well as other innovative companies, universities and consulting organisations.

Last but not least on 3-6 November the Eastern Partnership and Central Asian participants attended the Aquatech Amsterdam exhibition, where they had the chance to meet some of the over 850 participants that presented their newest products and services. Aquatech also offered them the opportunity to network with some of the more than 18.000 water industry peers and attend a few of the approximately 75 educational and inspirational seminars and presentations about the latest trends and developments in the industry. Aquatech Amsterdam also presented exciting new initiatives and opportunities for the entire water sector. New were the Aquatech Venture Forum, Industrial User Experience, Storm Water Pavilion, BlueTech Research Innovation Pavilion and more.

Based on the follow-up reports of the EaP and CA participants, the events provided the scientists with valuable networking opportunities for future EU-Eastern Partnership and EU-Central Asia collaboration.