16.10.2015 [News]

Five steps towards Horizon 2020 – A Guide for Newcomers in Russian

 cover page of the guide to newcomers in Horizon 2020 | © BelISA and State Committee for S&T

download PDF (ca. 2 MB)

A second edition of the guide for newcomers to 'Horizon 2020', the current EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, has been published in Belarus.

This guide aims to inform those who just start their way in the Programme about its overall idea, logic and structure, as well as about the administrative procedures for becoming a partner in an international cooperation project funded under Horizon 2020.

Newcomers are often lost in the wealth of information provided by the Participant Portal, CORDIS, EUROPA and other sources. Language barriers contribute to that. The goal of this publication is to present – in Russian – the 'must know' information in a very concise form and advise newcomers in developing an 'entry strategy'.

Though intended for Belarusian researchers, it could also be used by the Russian speaking research community in the other Eastern Partnership countries.

The recommendations were developed by the Belarusian Institute of System Analysis and Information Support of Science and Technology, a partner in the IncoNet EaP project. The publication is  supported by the IncoNet EaP and the State Committee for Science and Technology of Belarus. 

The publication is available for download from the website of the Belarus National Information Point for the EU Research and Innovation Programmes.