28.05.2015 | Chisinau, Moldova

Science Slam Moldova - another way of bringing science closer to society

On 28 May 2015, the second edition of the intellectual contest 'Science Slam Moldova', one of the most popular interactive science events, took place in Chisinau. It featured the most sizzling scientific battles between four young researchers from different areas of research.
The event was organised by the Academy of Sciences of Moldova in cooperation with the Center of International Projects, the Moldovan NCP Network for H2020, andDAS Foundation, with financial support by the European Commission wthin the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme.

The participants to the show were welcomed by the President of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova (ASM), Acad. Gheorghe Duca, who congratulated the organisers on this unique project, which brings science closer to the society. The ASM President wished success to the competitors and expressed the hope that the Moldovan community will support and encourage this new approach that reflects an original and entertaining way to promote creativity and intelligence.

The second edition of the 'Science Slam' had as the main protagonists: Dr. Artiom Jucov; Mr. Dorian Furtuna, doctor in biology and ethologist; Natalia Usurelu; and Mr. Sorin Guragata.

The four, brave and passionate for innovation, wanted everyone to know about their inventions and unpublished results obtained during the scientific investigations. During 7-10 minutes, the contestants presented the results of their own research from the stage in an inspired, original, fun and relaxed manner.

The one who decided who is the hero of the evening was the public, which gave generous applause for young researchers. The slammer who won the hearts of the crowd and received the noisiest applauses was the ethologist Dorian Furtuna. The winner was appreciated for both the content of the presentation and for his scientific rhetoric.

Source: Academy of Sciences of Moldova