30.03.2015 - 03.04.2015 | Kyrgyzstan

Policy Mix Peer Review of scientific system conducted in Kyrgyzstan

Since the revolution of 2010 Kyrgyzstan has been initiating a wide range of policy reforms and currently plans to include the science and research system into this process. New strategies are being developed and new laws in the area of scientific and technological development are being prepared. Therefore the Government of Kyrgyzstan has asked for an analysis of the science, technology and innovation system of Kyrgyzstan, which has recently been conducted by the IncoNet CA project.
Group of experts in the fesival hall of the White House in Bishkek | © DLR, Hendrik Meurs
Group of experts in the fesival hall of the White House in Bishkek, from left to right: Zhumatay Salimov,
Jyldyz Bakashova, Manfred Spiesberger, Agni Spiloti, Hendrik Meurs and Toivo Raim | © DLR

IncoNet CA, the 'International STI Copperation Network for Central Asian Countries', is a project funded under the EU's 7th Framework Programme for Research and Development. It organised the Policy Mix Peer Review in Kyrgyzstan under WP2 (Analytical Evidence), Task 2.3 (Policy Mix Review) of its work description.

The examination and assessment of the national S&T system was carried out by international experts and aimed at improving the design and the implementation of national S&T policy. Rather than an evaluation in itself, the exercise can be understood as a mutual learning process based on a critical friends approach.

Both the hosting country as well as the international experts experienced the field study conducted from March 30th to April 3rd 2015 as a great success. The basic reason for this was the exceptional commitment of the Kyrgyz government and all stakeholders involved in the activity with regards to active participation and open cooperation on all levels.

Hosts and experts at the White House in Bishkek | © DLR, Hendrik Meurs
Hosts and experts at the White House in Bishkek | © DLR

The team of international experts conducting the mission to Kyrgyzstan consisted of:

  • Team Leader: Manfred Spiesberger, Senior Researcher at theCentre for Social Innovation (ZSI), Austria
  • Mrs. Agni Spilioti, Director at the Directorate for the Support of Research Programmes, General Secretariate for Research and Technology (GSRT), Greece
  • Mr. Toivo Raim, Advisor at the Department of Research Policy, Ministry of Education and Research, Estonia
  • Mr. Zhumatay Salimov, Deputy Chairman at the National Agency for Technological Development (JSC ), Kazakhstan
  • Mr. Hendrik Meurs, Senior Scientific Officer at the DLR Project Management Agency, European and International Cooperation, Germany

The main regional consultant was Mrs Jyldyz Bakashova - Director of the National Library of Kyrgyzstan, NCP for Horizon 2020 and national partner for the IncoNet CA. The mission was hosted by members of the Kyrgyz Government.

The schedule was intense: The experts visited 35 different institutions, research organisations, universities, NGOs, business communities and international organisations. The success of the mission was mirrored by the public attention it received, most visibly by the many articles published in Kyrgyz mass media and on various websites.

Work meeting during the Policy Mix Peer Review| © EIMO, Jyldyz Bakashova
Work meeting during the Policy Mix Peer Review| © EIMO

Following the mission to Kyrgyzstan, the experts are currently preparing their review, in the course of which particular attention will – amongst others – be paid to the issues of Human Resources, Economic and Market Development, the Scientific Basis and the sector of Business R&D and Innovation. 

Results are expected in late September, when the delegation of international experts will provide their analysis, and give recommendations for the transformation process.

Further information:

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Sources: Jyldyz Bakashova and Hendrik Meurs