23.04.2015 [News]

Moldova: High Interest in ener2i Innovation Voucher Competition

The aim of the competition is to initiate innovation projects in the field of Energy Efficiency (EE) and Renewable Energy Sources (RES) by providing direct financial support in an early stage of project development. SMEs, including start-ups and spin-offs, got the possibility to purchase research and development services from knowledge providers to realise their projects and to establish or intensify their relationship with research institutions and international partners.

In the Republic of Moldova, the competition was launched on 11 December 2014 and closed on 2 March 2015. The applicants of the eleven best project ideas, with the highest evaluation score were awarded with the Innovation Vouchers of € 4,000 each. The winner projects were declared:

  • ‘New material in construction - Termo-Fono-Izolant’, proposed by the New Products and Technologies Ltd
  • ‘Innovative solutions with an increased degree of intelligence for energy consumption in public lighting system’, Consulting, Energie & Comert Ltd;
  • ‘Energy integrated system for small Moldovan enterprises in the agricultural sector’, Ygrick-Group farm:
  • ‘Improving the energy efficiency of equipment for biomass processing by briquetting’, Livcom-Trans Ltd;
  • ‘The flow of life’, ‘Naiman Com’ Ltd;
  • ‘Short-term wind speed forecasting technique for selected localities in Moldova’, Val Consulting Ltd;
  • ‘Testing to help optimise design and efficiency of new glazed solar air heating collectors’, Energy Solaris Ltd;
  • ‘Building prototype of energy saving turbine system’, Goliat-Vita Ltd;
  • ‘Polymers for energy efficiency improvement’, Moldtehprotectie Ltd;
  • ‘Thin polymer films Fresnel concentrator for boost efficiency of photo voltaic cells’, Moldtehprotectie Ltd;
  • ‘National Energy Monitoring System for Public Institutions’, Genescotec Ltd.

The Innovation Voucher Competition in Moldova has been carried out by the EU FP7 funded project ener2i (www.ener2i.eu), together with support of the Central European Initiative Knowledge Exchange Program (CEI-KEP) AUSTRIA with funding of the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC). A similar competition was organized in Belarus; where from a total of 9 applications, for financing were selected 4. At the same time, were announced the call for projects in Georgia and Armenia.

Source: Gheorghe Riciu, Agency for Innovation and Technology Transfer