07.04.2015 [News]

INOGATE project assists in setting up operational framework for Energy Service Companies in Moldova

On 3-6 March 2015 INOGATE experts conducted meetings with Energy Service Companies (ESCO) of Moldova to review the current legislative framework, to identify obstacles to the successful implementation of Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) in the country and to develop draft legislation including secondary legislative acts.

The purpose of the two expert missions to Moldova was to develop certain documents aligned with the EU best practices, such as:

  • Energy Performance Contract (EnPC) template for the public sector;
  •  EnPC template for the private sector;
  • Methodology for energy performance contracting in the public sector based on best practices (economic feasibility assessment, distribution of extra project benefits, etc.);
  • Guidelines for the elaboration of terms of reference for energy performance contracting in the public sector (technical requirements, tender procedures and requirements, etc.).

Moldova has been a full member of the Energy Community since May 2010 and the adoption of the EU Directive 2006/32/EC on energy end-use efficiency and energy services is one of the country’s obligations under the Energy Community Treaty. Energy Performance Contracting is one of the financial instruments for energy savings envisaged in this Directive and should therefore be transposed into Moldovan legislation.

Taking into account that the facilitation of energy services is a part of the Energy Community (EnC) requirements, the results of this assignment will be in the scope of interest to other INOGATE Paertner Countries, namely Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia. Ukraine became a full member of the EnC in 2011, but has not yet approved secondary legislation on EnPC. Georgia submitted an application for a full membership in 2013 and started learning other EnC countries’ experience in implementation of the EE Acquis. Armenia is an observer to the EnC.

Source: INOGATE project