19.10.2014 [News]

FIBAA now listed in Kazakh National Register of Accreditation Institutions

On June 2014, the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan followed the recommendation of the Republican Accreditation Council and decided to include FIBAA to the National Register of Accreditation Agencies. FIBAA's decisions on accreditation of study programmes at Kazakh Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are thus recognised by the Ministry.

The listing of foreign accreditation agencies in the Kazakh national register is valid for five years. FIBAA is qualified to conduct programme accreditation procedures in Kazakhstan until June 2019. At the end of this period the Kazakh Ministry decides on the basis of the reapplication of the agency on the prolongation of its registration.

Kazakhstan is not only a strategic commercial partner for Europe, but also an interesting higher education area. National higher education providers are state and private universities, colleges as well as schools. Over the past years, the Kazakh government undertook important reforms in order to modernise the higher education sector and to align it with international standards. In 2010, Kazakhstan joined the Bologna process and was welcomed as the 47th participating country of the European Higher Education Area. After that, new types of HEIs have been introduced (i.e. National Research Universities, National Higher Education Institutions, and Research Universities) as well as private HEIs. Consequently, the implementation of a national as well as international transparent quality assurance system becomes very important - a system to which FIBAA will henceforward contribute with its work.

Source: Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation