22.09.2023 [News]

Second Round of Support Allocation to Russian Innovative Territorial Clusters

On June 9th, 2014, the Russian Ministry of Economic Development announced the second round of allocating support to innovative territorial clusters. Starting from this year onwards, federal subsidies will increase to 2.5 billion roubles, and all 25 Russian pilot clusters will be eligible for this funding.

It is planned that to support the implementation of measures included in the development programmes of innovative territorial clusters, budgetary appropriations of 2.5 billion roubles will be made out of the reserve fund of the Russian government to be allocated as subsidies from the federal budget to the budgets of the subjects of the Russian Federation.

Two novel features of the conditions for allocating subsidies for the development of innovative territorial clusters should be mentioned:

  1. The total amount of funding from the federal budget has increased, while the ratio of regional and federal budgets’ shares in jointly funded projects has changed. While last year, the clusters received 1.3 billion roubles from the federal budget, this year, the amount will nearly double and reach 2.5 billion roubles. Also, while in 2013, the share of the funds provided by the region where the pilot innovative territorial cluster is located constituted between 30% and 70%, this year, it will decrease and will constitute between 5% and 30%. On the one hand, this will allow to save regional budgets’ funds and to increase the motivation of the regional authorities to support pilot innovative territorial clusters located on their territory. On the other hand, the total amount of subsidies provided to territorial clusters may decrease due to reduced share of the regions.
  2. Starting from this year, all pilot innovative clusters (there are 25 of them altogether) are eligible to receive federal subsidies. At the same time, clusters of the first group (14 clusters) will be given priority: they will receive up to ¾ of the total amount of the federal subsidy. However, the final distribution will eventually depend on the quality of projects and on the amount of funds allocated for cluster development by regional authorities.

The evaluation of applications for federal subsidies will consider not only the quality of the project but also the availability of a coherent program of cluster development. The list of activities that can be funded from a federal subsidy include those aimed at promoting international cooperation, e.g., advanced professional training and secondments, organisation of and participation in exhibitions, conferences, and forums, etc.