22.09.2014 [News]

German-Ukrainian School of Governance founded

The Government in Kiev is further advancing the modernisation of its public administration systems. These activities are also supported from Germany. Upon the initiative of the Karl-Georg Wellmann, Member of the German Parliament, scholars of the 'Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht (HWR)' (University of Economics and Law) have founded the 'German-Ukrainian School of Governance e. V.' in a joint effort with experts from politics and administration.

Basic tasks of German-Ukrainian School of Governance will be the development of modern management-related courses in Ukraine, the establishment of training centres for the public service in Berlin and Kiev, as well as guidance on issues regarding the implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.

'First and foremost these efforts aim to promote democratisation and the rule of law. Good Governance should become a guiding principle of administrative action in Ukraine', stresses founding member Prof. Dr. Oesten Baller. He is professor for general police law and security management and Director of the Institute for Administrative Modernisation and Police Reform in Central and Eastern Europe (IMO) at the HWR Berlin. He works closely with the National Academy of State Administration at the President of Ukraine (NAPA), which has been a key partner of the newly founded German Ukrainian Association.

The German-Ukrainian School of Governance will implement its projects, such as the creation of a Bachelor's degree for a new generation of managers in civil service, with the support of institutions and universities in Ukraine, Poland, Germany and Italy as well as in cooperation with Eastern Europe experts of the EU. A close cooperation with the OSCE and the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe is also planned.

European standards, rule of law, citizen-friendliness, service orientation and in particular impartiality and incorruptness will be treated as basic skills and prerequisites. When developing training programs for all levels of the public service, main issues will be decentralisation or federalisation, tax justice, minority languages and minority rights and anti-corruption.

In addition, the programme aims to familiarize prospective and current employees and managers of Ukrainian authorities and training institutions with the new conditions and challenges of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, as well as with general political and legal foundations of the European Union. The implementation of the Association Agreement, as well as the aspiration to fully adopt the Acquis Communautaire of the EU are therefore at the heart of the consultation process.

The nine founding members of the German-Ukrainian School of Governance e. V. are Prof. Dr. Oesten Baller (chairperson), Prof. Dr. Heinrich Bücker-Gärtner (vice-chair) and Prof. Dr. Dörte Busch (treasurer) – all from HWR Berlin.


Prof. Dr. Oesten Baller
phone: + 49 30 308772980
e-mail: oesten.baller(at)hwr-berlin.de

Mechthild Bonnen
phone: + 49 30 308772981
e-mail: mechthild.bonnen(at)hwr-berlin.de

Source: Kooperation International (in German)