07.05.2014 - 08.05.2014 | Chisinau, Moldova

Regional workshop 'Evaluation & Expertise for Scientific Excellence in the Eastern Partnership region'

The regional workshop on 'Evaluation & Expertise for Scientific Excellence in the Eastern Partnership region' was held in Chisinau in on 7-8 May 2014. The event was organised by the Center for International Projects of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova (CIP) and the Austrian Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI) and brought together more than 35 experts working at R&D funding agencies from the Eastern Partnership countries, and relevant experts from Austria and Germany.
workshop impression | © Center of International Projects, MoldovaRationale of the initiative

The competition based allocation of public funding in research and innovation has become the most important funding principle, competitive measures require sophisticated and at the same time practical procedures for the selection of the best fitting applications for funding. The quality and transparency of evaluation has a direct impact i.e. on the promotion of scientific excellence and efficiency of research funding. Beside the ex-ante evaluation for project selection by peer reviews, evaluation has received in the last decades more attention from a systemic point of view, namely for the justification of public spending, for learning about the functionality of the existing funding system, the funding portfolio.

The goals of the workshop were:

  • Identifying the mechanisms for establishing a regional platform on S&T evaluation;
  • Preparing a Memorandum of Understandings on creating a regional data base of evaluators;
  • Updates on existing regional capacities on S&T evaluation & expertise and sharing national and regional best practices of S&T evaluation;
  • Advancing the cooperation between EU member states and EaP countries in the field of RTDI evaluation.

workshop impression | © Center of International Projects, Moldova

During the event different initiatives showcased their approach reaching from national practice to international networking initiatives and the established joint peer review systems of funding agencies.

The ultimative outcome of the meeting was a roadmap showing the next steps of a joint regional S&T peer review platform that will help Eastern Partnership countries to improve their evaluation systems by pooling national experts, creating additional capacities and elaborating procedures on a comparable basis. The regional roadmap for RTDI evaluation was drafted and gives orientation for the next steps.

The event followed the initiative launched in 2012, during the regional workshop 'Science Evaluation as a Prerequisite for Promoting Excellence in Research' from Chisinau, Moldova, when the participants expressed the opportunity of creating a regional platform for evaluating national R&D programs and projects for the Eastern Partnership countries.

workshop impression | © Center of International Projects, Moldova

Future plans

In the next months the results of the workshop will be reflected and the established roadmap will be consulted with relevant stakeholders in the EaP countries, a second workshop will be organised in the next 8 months.

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Source: Center of International Projects