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KhAI-ERA – Integrating the National Aerospace University 'KhAI' into ERA

The National Aerospace University KhAI is the only university in Ukraine providing the full cycle of higher education in aerospace science. It has over 1150 researchers, 700 teachers and 12,000 students. KhAI has strong relationship with Ukrainian industry and other aerospace stakeholders, and also participates in many national and international R&D; projects with public and private partners from abroad. The KhAI-ERA project aims to support KhAI integration into the European Research Area via twinning and capacity building activities with excellent European research and innovation organisations.

Project Overview

  • Project acronym: KhAI-ERA
  • Project full title: Integrating the National Aerospace University "KhAI" into ERA
  • Project number: 294311
  • Duration: 01/12/2023 – 30/11/2023
  • Website: http://khai-era.khai.edu

Research Priorities

The KhAI-ERA project is focused on capacity building activities and KhAI twinning with EU partners in three research topics that correspond closely to FP7 Transport, Space, ICT and Research for SMEs Work Programmes research priorities:

  • Composite Materials
  • Advanced Manufacturing for Aircraft Assembly
  • Dependable Embedded Systems

Project Activities

source: KhAI-ERA Project
  • Scientific Knowledge Exchange and Joint Experiments Set Up to twin KhAI with EU partners and build long-term research partnership in three research priorities
  • Specialised Training Modules Development in targeted research topics to strength KhAI human potential
  • KhAI Strategy Development in order to increase University research excellence, improve its response to national socio-economic needs, and deepen ties with European aerospace industry and research organisations
  • Dissemination & Promotion Campaign to raise KhAI global recognition and increase awareness about KhAI’s scientific excellence in Europe

Project Outcomes

  • TWINNING: To support KhAI and EU partners twinning, partners bilateral meetings and workshops relevant to the project priorities are regularly organized. These events serve as a gathering place for knowledge exchange and potential project ideas discussion, joint analysis of achieved research results and further research planning.
  • TRAINING MODULES: The KhAI-ERA Team made a great progress in the development and presentation of Training Modules for experienced and young researchers relevant to three project research areas and EU funding opportunities. All training materials are available online.
  • KhAI EVALUATION AND STRATEGY: EU Project Partners in cooperation with EU Experts performed comprehensive evaluation of KhAI research activities in priority areas. Evaluation results analysis is a starting point for the development of University strategy to ensure further growth of KhAI research potential and University successful integration into ERA.

Project Partners

source: KhAI-ERA Project
  • National Aerospace University "KhAI" - Ukraine
  • Brno University of Technology – Czech Republic
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation - Germany
  • Tallinn University of Technology - Estonia
  • Intelligentsia Consultants - Luxembourg


Mr. Igor Rybalchenko
Coordinator, National Aerospace University "KhAI"


Mr. Giles Brandon
Intelligentsia Consultants



  • KhAI Promo Brochure
    source: KhAI-ERA Project
  • Ukrainian Aeronautics: Research and Technology Groups Brochure
    source: KhAI-ERA Project
  • KhAI-ERA project overview presentation
    source: KhAI-ERA Project



  • Khai-ERA project overview

    [PDF - 310.2 kB]

    (URL: https://increast.eu/_media/KhAI-ERA_project_overview.pdf)