| Project of the Month - July 2012

PICTURE - Policy dialogue in ICT to an Upper level for Reinforced EU-EECA Cooperation

PICTURE is an EU-funded project supported by the European Commission under the “ICT” theme of the FP7. Thanks to the achievements of the 3 EECA ICT cluster projects funded in 2009-2011, the ICT cooperation between the EU and EECA is quite developed. However, there is still room for its further evolution addressing specific needs and priorities of each country and building on bi-lateral and common cooperation instruments. In order to accelerate the process of enhancing ICT research cooperation there is a strong interest to support an open, constructive bi-regional policy dialogue between stakeholders from the EU MS/AC and EECA countries.

Project overview

Project Acronym: PICTURE
Project Reference: 288279
Start Date: 01-12-2011
End Date: 31-05-2014
Duration: 30 months
Project Cost: 734 652 Euro
Project Funding: 620 000 Euro
Contract Type: Coordination and Support Action
Project Status: Execution

Project website: http://www.eeca-ict.eu

Project objectives

The PICTURE project aims to engage the EU and EECA stakeholders from across research, academia, industries, government and civil society to enrich and support the EU-EECA ICT policy dialogue, and to reinforce strategic partnerships between EU and EECA ICT organizations.

More specifically, PICTURE has been structured around the following three objectives:

  1. To enrich and support the policy dialogue between EU and EECA countries, by updating and reinforcing points for convergence of the EU and EECA ICT research and relevant international initiatives and activities; by developing recommendations and roadmap, and by implementing pilot actions and exchanging experience and lessons learnt,
  2. To strengthen strategic partnerships and cooperative research links between European and EECA ICT organizations, e.g., though stronger involvement of IT diaspora and enhancing concrete cooperation initiatives,
  3. To facilitate interactions between EU and EECA ICT communities through organizations of joint events, and facilitate preparation of joint EU-EECA R&D projects.
PICTURE will offer
  • an updated report on the EU-EECA ICT research priorities,
  • an overview of existing activities in the EECA countries relevant to ICT policy dialogue with partner countries,
  • a roadmap for EU-EECA ICT policy dialogue with recommendations on future initiatives,
  • pilot projects per group of countries,
  • support for activities of 3 thematic groups in ICT priority areas and policy,
  • report on the access opportunities for EU researchers in the EECA countries,
  • a wide awareness raising and dissemination campaign in EU and EECA, including a web portal and project promotional materials,
  • a final dissemination event, summarizing the achievements and results of the project, with particular focus to the lessons learnt, good practices and the next steps.

Project partners

EU: France, Greece.
Focus region: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.
The list or partnering organizations is available: http://www.eeca-ict.eu/eeca_ict_partners.
The project is coordinated by INNO TSD SA, France.

Key achievements for the first 6 months

With the aim to develop a roadmap for EU-EECA ICT policy dialogue with recommendations on future initiatives and upon the results of the call for experts in the EECA countries, 3 working groups have been established:

  1. Working Group on Components, computing systems, and networks (including a new generation of components and systems, advanced computing, software and services for the future internet), chaired by the Russian partner, National Association of Research and Educational e-Infrastructures "E-ARENA,
  2. Working Group on Content technologies and information management (including digital libraries, technology enhanced learning, intelligent information management, ICT for digital learning and creativity), chaired by Ukrainian partner, Agency of European Innovations.

    Around 20 highly experienced external experts representing research organizations from all the EECA countries are involved in the activities of the 2 thematic working groups.  
  3. Working Group on Policy Dialogue comprised of project partners will deal with different policy related issues.

Action plans for each group are being developed currently. Together with the terms of references for working group’s activities, they will be validated in November 2012 in Moscow. Also, basing on the EU-EECA ICT research priorities a proposal on SICA topics for inclusion in future ICT calls has been submitted to the Commission.


PICTURE Coordinator
Mrs Svetlana Klessova