General country information

Official name of the country: Republic of Tajikistan

Population: 8352,0 thousands (January 2015)

Area: 142,600 km²

Capital: Dushanbe

System of Government: Presidential Republic

Head of the Government: President Emomali Rahmon

Minister of Education and Science: Nuriddin Said

Speaker of Upper Chamber: Mahmadsaid Ubaidulloev
Speaker of Lower Chamber: Shukurjon Zuhurov

Geography: The  Republic  of  Tajikistan  is located  in  the  Southeast  of Central Asia. It borders with Uzbekistan in the west, Kyrgyzstan in the north, Afghanistan in the south, and with China in the east, covering an area of 142,600 km². Tajikistan is a mountainous country with altitudes ranging from 300 to 7,495 meters (Peak Ismoili Somoni). 93% of the mountainous terrain is formed by Tajikistan’s highest mountain ranges: the Pamirs and Tien-Shan. The climate is continental. .

Source: CIDS & NT ASRT
Last update: June 2016



  • Country Report 2016: Tajikistan

    [PDF - 197.8 kB]

    (general information - education and science - international cooperation) (URL: https://increast.eu/_media/Tajikistan_Country_Report_EN_2016.pdf)

  • Country Report 2011: Tajikistan

    [PDF - 1.22 MB]

    (November 2011, compiled as an annex to the "White Paper on Opportunities and Challenges in View of Enhancing the EU Cooperation with Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and South Caucasus in Science, Research, and Innovation".) (URL: https://increast.eu/_media/Country_Report_Tajikistan_2011.pdf)

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