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General country information

Official name of the country: Republic of Azerbaijan

Population: 9,686,210 (July 2014 est.)

Area: 86,600 sq km

Capital: Baku

System of Government: Presidential Republic

Head of State: President – Ilham Aliyev

Head of the Government: Prime Minister – Artur Rasizade

Science & Education Minister: There is a ministry of education, but no ministry of science in Azerbaijan. The president of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) is Akif Alizadeh. Mikayil Jabbarov is the Minister of Education of Azerbaijan.

Parliament: The parliament (Milli Majlis) consists of 125 members elected by direct elections.

Administrative structure: 59 districts (rayons), 11 cities, one autonomous republic

Geography: The country is situated at longitude 44º and 52º East, latitude 38º and 42º North. Baku is situated on 40 parallel. The distance from Baku to the North pole is 5,550 km, to the equator it is 4,440 km. Azerbaijan borders by in the South with Iran (765 km) and Turkey (15 km), in the North with Russia (390 km), in the North-West with Georgia (480 km), in the West with Armenia (1007 km) and in the East with the Caspian Sea, with mountainous regions to the North and West and vast, arid lowlands to the East and South.

Sources: ANAS, Wikipedia, CIA World Factbook
Last update: July 2014



  • Country Report 2011: Azerbaijan

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    (November 2011, compiled as an annex to the "White Paper on Opportunities and Challenges in View of Enhancing the EU Cooperation with Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and South Caucasus in Science, Research, and Innovation".) (URL:

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