Partner Search Finder

If you want to participate in an international research project, you need partners. Finding them is not an easy task. There are a number of partner search services provided by NCPs, CORDIS and other entities. Look for the services that also provide advice on creating your profile and apply quality controls to their database.

CORDIS Partner Service
One of the largest databases of partner profiles (self-registered profiles).

Idealist Partner Search
Developed by the ICT NCPs network, but the partner profiles are not limited only to ICT. The service includes advice on creating your profile by your local NCP and there is a quality control of all the published data.

NMP Partner Search
Partner Search of Nanosciences and nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production technologies (NMP)

Fit for Health
Developed by the Fit for Health network in close cooperation with the Health-NCPs. The quality checked database contains expertise profiles of researchers and SMEs acting in the Health / Life sciences sector. The service includes partner search activities advice on all aspects related to a research project, starting with help in first orientation and strategy development to proposal preparation, implementation, exploitation and promotion.

IMI Partner Search
Recent partner search service provided by the Innovative Medicines Initiative Joint Undertaking (IMI JU) for organisations interested in the development of new medicines. IMI supports collaborative research projects and builds networks of industrial and academic experts to boost pharmaceutical innovation. There are also opportunities for SMEs, such as innovative biotech enterprises.

Enterprise Europe Network Cooperation Opportunities Database
The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) publishes an extensive number of innovation and technology profiles from international companies and research organisations to help identify suitable partners for bilateral business, innovation and technology cooperation.

The database has the following types of profiles: • Research and technology offers to further develop an existing technology • Research and technology requests to complement a product in the development stages • R&D partner searches to participate in funded projects

The EEN database is updated with new profiles on a weekly basis. All profiles are published anonymously. Express your interest in collaboration by filling in and sending the Expression of Interest form to your local EEN office, who will establish the contact. The database is also a simple way of following the development of technologies and trends in your area.

Source: European Commission Participant Portal