Search for key research institutions, funding programmes or find a cooperation partner through a tool that helps you find the best partner search instrument for your requirements. In addition, we present useful S&T related databases that have been developed in the frame of EU-Eastern Europe/ Central Asia/ South Caucasus cooperation projects.
  • Key Research Institutions Database

    The incrEAST Key Research Institutions Database is designed to get you in touch with competent dialogue partners in EECA countries. It merges comprehensive information collected and assessed by experts from 5 EU-projects (IncoNet EECA, BILAT-RUS, BILAT-UKR, ERA.NET RUS und BS ERA-Net). Browse by country, research area and/or type of organisation to obtain optimum results for your specific focus.
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  • BILAT Funding Database

    A database on programmes supporting STI cooperation between EU MS/AC and non-EU countries, including Russia and Ukraine. This tool was designed to provide up to date information on national science, technology and innovation funding programmes that are accessible to researchers from the EU and also contains bilateral funding opportunities. The content is provided by 14 BILAT projects funded by the European Commission.
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  • Partner Search Finder

    If you want to participate in an international research project, you need partners. Finding them is not an easy task. There are a number of partner search services provided by NCPs, CORDIS and other entities. Look for the services that also provide advice on creating your profile and apply quality controls to their database.
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  • Other databases

    Numerous useful databases have been developed in the frame of EU cooperation projects with Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the South Caucasus. Some are topic related, others provide information about experts, important research organistations or funding opportunities. Only databases that are accessible to the public have been included here. Select from a structured list to find the information you need.
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