02.03.2024 [News]

Scientists from Belarus grow first synthetic red emerald

Scientists at the Scientific and Practical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus have for the first time grown a synthetic emerald of red colour, according to the Head of the Physics of High Conductivity Materials Laboratory, Vladimir Merkulov. In nature this gem is very rare, being only mined in the USA. According to experts natural emeralds will vanish sooner than - for instance - crude oil.

The technology developed by the scientists can be considered an invention of global importance. "For the first time we will be able to generate emeralds under industrial conditions. The first of them has already been grown," explains Vladimir Merkulov. It has an almost identical appearance compared to the natural stone and the posesses the same good qualities: it doesn't burn or bleach out. In the future the synthetic gems from Belarus could gain a remarkable position in the world jewel market. The inventors expect to find consumers for their product in the very near future.

The members of the Scientific and Practical Center have been working on  synthetic gemstones - rubies and emeralds - for several years. They are sought after not only on the local market, but also in other countries. Their optical qualities and transparency are comparable to their natural counterparts. In addition the artifical gems have fewer flaws.

 Source: http://belisa.org.by/ru/news/stnews/manufacture/f2d627e5ece8bae2.html