incrEAST provides information on national research policies, structures, programmes and organizations in the EECA countries. On the following pages, you will find a compilation of information that has the aim of promoting communication among all those involved in international cooperation. It will help you find important on-site contact partners, ongoing projects and funding opportunities.

  • Calls

    The targeted promotion of EU-EECA collaborations in innovative fields of research has the aim of giving new impetus to this sector, which is expected to lead to a new level of R&D; relations between the partners. This will benefit young researchers in particular. In this section, you will find information about current funding programmes. The aim is to enable interested institutions to develop and implement viable cooperation schemes in research and development.
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  • Projects

    In this section, you will find a list of ongoing projects in which EECA countries are participating. These projects cover a wide range of thematic fields and are being carried out under bilateral and multilateral cooperation agreements.
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  • Programmes (database)

    This section features a database on programmes supporting S&T; cooperation between EU MS/AC and EECA countries. It was designed to provide detailed, comprehensive and up to date information on international S&T; programmes that are accessible to researchers from the EU and various EECA countries. The Database was jointly developed by the ERA.Net RUS and the BS-ERA NET projects.
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  • Vacancies/ Host Fellowships

    There is a wide range of opportunities for individuals and research teams to participate in different activities and programmes supported by the EU. Use these websites to find vacancies and project information on Marie Curie Host Fellowship funded projects and on Marie Curie Research Training Networks as well as details about EECA research organizations which can host the qualified researchers from the EU and AC for implementation of research projects for the period of between 1 and 2 years.
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  • Experts

    The following list will enable you to get in touch with experts who can advise and support you in the initiation of new projects and the search for further partners in EECA countries.
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