16.09.2013 [News]

EU cooperation with the Eastern Partnership Countries and Central Asia – new horizons ahead

The predessor projects IncoNet EECA and IncoNet CA/SC project were completed in June 2012 and June 2013 respectively. However, the cooperation in science, technology and innovation (STI) and the research policy dialogue between the EU and the target regions will continue:

Two new projects:
  • 'IncoNet EaP' (STI International Cooperation Network for Eastern Partnership Countries1) and
  • 'IncoNet CA' (STI International Cooperation Network for Central Asian Countries2)

will start with a joint kick-off event in Athens on 18-20 September 2013.

INCO-NET projects aim at establishing coordination platforms, which:

  • Bring together relevant policy makers, researchers, the private sector and other stakeholders of the EU and of third countries that belong to the targeted region, to identify S&T priorities and support the definition of S&T cooperation orientations;
  • Implement awareness and dissemination activities dedicated to the strengthening of the participation of the targeted countries/regions in the Framework Programme, including the support for information points in third countries;
  • Carry out strategic analysis of S&T trends and mapping research capacities in the targeted region, including their links with corresponding EU research counterparts;
  • Systematically monitor and review cooperation activities in order to provide feedback and updating of S&T policies and priorities.

Further information about the two new projects, their goals, scientific focus and involved partners will be published on incrEAST as soon as it becomes available.

1 general information about EU research and innovation cooperation with the Eastern Partnership Countries
2 general information about EU research and innovation cooperation with Central Asia