02.01.2013 [News]

STI Cooperation in addressing Societal Challenges: Results of the 6th EU-Eastern Partnership/ Central Asia Policy Stakeholders' Conference

On 14-15 November the Policy Stakeholders' Conference "EU-SC/CA Science, Technology and Innovation cooperation in addressing Societal Challenges: priorities, modalities and synergies between policies and instruments" took place. It was the last in a series of policy dialogue events between EU MS/AC and the countries of Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the South Caucasus.

The Conclusions of the Conference (PDF) was drafted with the help of the conference rapporteurs and summarises the key messages of the discussions held during the two days event in Tbilisi.

The Presentations can be downloaded from the website of the Georgian Research and Development Foundation.

To learn more about this event and the entire series of EU - Eastern Europe/ Central Asia and South Caucasus Policy Stakeholders' Conferences please visit the
website of the IncoNet CA/SC project.